Alexander Synaptic

Capturing the world I see. My insatiable curiosity and perpetual wanderlust motivate me to undertake deep explorations of this strange and fantastical world of ours. With my photography I aim to share my adventures filtered through the lens of memory, as surreal and dreamlike imagery infused with a sense of magic realism.

I am endlessly fascinated by the secret lives of inanimate objects, the eerie solemnity of abandoned places, the desolate beauty of manufactured landscapes, and the wonders of remote and exotic locales. I am drawn to the visual rhythm of grit, grime, and decay and inspired by the majestic works of nature. I am especially interested in the juxtaposition and intersection of organic and artificial forms, particularly those places where nature is busily reclaiming manmade structures and objects. Most of all I am intent on exposing the hidden stories and forgotten fables all around us.

My work can be broadly categorized into abandoned and urban exploration, nature, landscape, and travel photography, but I am also interested in capturing people, textures, and abstract imagery.

I am also a graphic designer and use a lot of my own original photography in my work.

The broken flues of Shuinandong, Taiwan.


I mainly shoot with a Nikon D3100 (formerly a D40; sometimes a D5200) and the kit lens (18-55mm), though I occasionally use a nicer piece of glass. I have explored using accessories such as a tripod and a bounce flash but tend to return to a minimal setup for ease of use and portability. I am not much of a technical photographer; my work is mostly about framing and the narratives that accompany many of the images I publish on my blog.


I make extensive use of Adobe Lightroom in my post-processing workflow. All of my development presets are open source and available for download via GitHub. The collection is constantly evolving as I learn more about the software and experiment with new techniques.

The farthest shore, a remote stretch of coast in Pingtung county, Taiwan.


I regularly post a lot of my photography on my blog as well as other images that interest me.

All my properly geotagged photographs are available in full quality on my Flickr photostream.

Follow me on Instagram for a more immediate and far less serious glimpse into my life. I use Instagram for fun, to tell stories, and to be weird; don’t expect me to be making high art over there.

An overview of elemental forces at work along the Dajia river, Taichung.

Terms of use

Please see my full terms of use and contact me for commercial usage. I am open to licensing requests and make it a habit to promptly respond to all inquiries.

Recent work

Here are just a few examples of my recent (2013) work in Asia (and be sure to check out my photography portfolio for the latest):

Keelung islet from the northern shore of Taiwan.

The view from Jinguashi, New Taipei City.

The haunted hotel at Nakagusuku, Okinawa.

An apartment block in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

A ripple frozen in time, Yeliu, New Taipei City.

A technicolor window in Jinguashi, New Taipei City.

The rocky shoreline south of the tip of Borneo in Sabah, Malaysia.

Racing typhoon Usagi on the far shore of Pingtung county, Taiwan.

The setting sun from the Maokong cable cars in Taipei.

If you like what you see please check out the photography section my blog. You can also follow my photography on Flickr, Instagram, and Facebook.

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