Alexander Synaptic

I am a front-end developer with more than a decade of experience in the industry. My main focus has been WordPress development but my range of skills is quite broad and I am by no means limited to a single platform. Nowadays I am developing sites with Sass (a CSS pre-processor), JavaScript/jQuery, and an advanced Gulp-based build process of my own design. Have a look at my GitHub profile for a list of some of my open source development projects or check out my development blog.


Here are several development projects I have worked on over the course of the last few years. Many more can be found on my GitHub profile.


Pendrell is a minimal yet powerful WordPress theme for multimedia blogs. It features beautiful, legible typesetting alongside big, bold imagery. You can see it in action on my personal blog, Synapticism, as well as my development blog. I have also adapted Pendrell for use on the Drumlore and Omnitropic web sites, among others.


Ubik is a suite of modular WordPress components (more than 28 at last count). Together these components work behind the scenes to improve SEO, enrich content with semantic HTML5 markup, reduce bloat, and generally sharpen the user experience. Ubik also includes lightweight implementations of common custom taxonomies including post series and places.


WordPress-Gulp-Starter-Kit is a powerful starter kit for local development of WordPress themes. Read more about this project on my blog.


  • HTML5, CSS3/Sass, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, and MySQL.
  • WordPress development: theme and plugin authoring, performance tuning, and SEO.
  • Nginx configuration and optimization.
  • Gulp and Grunt-based build processes.
  • Node.js ecosystem tools.
  • Content management, online promotion, copywriting, social media, and that sort of thing. I know how to communicate and get things done.
  • Graphic design in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom.
  • Scientific research, statistics, mapping, academic writing, and so on.

For hire

I am open to Node and WordPress-based freelance work. Please contact me to discuss the details of your project.

For more about my development work you can find me on GitHub or check out my development blog.

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